James Cramer : Broken New Single


Following a hectic summer with his alt folk band, Tupelo, James Cramer is now ready to bring us his new single, Buy online Cialis Soft 20 mg BROKEN.  The new single, released on Friday 21st October is the follow up to James’ debut solo record, ‘My World Again’ released last spring and entered Top 5 in the itunes singles chart.

Order Cialis Soft Over The Counter BROKEN, is again a piano and percussive led track. Quietly approaching in its style, but quickly addictive. A limited number of live performances are being planned to follow the release of buy Cialis Soft 20 mg France BROKEN.  A taster of James’s beautiful solo live sound.

Both BROKEN, and the debut single Order online Cialis Soft 20 mg My World Again are taken from James’ debut solo EP, which is expected to land spring 2017.

Like its predecessor, Purchase cheap Cialis Soft BROKEN also conveys an almost reserved side of James, who has primarily written in a different style and genre previously to this track.

Buy cheap Cialis Soft BROKEN was recorded and engineered here in Dublin by Michael Manning at The Cauldron Studios, mastered by Ciaran Byrne at Cauldron Studios and self-produced.

Investigating this side of his song writing craft has been in James’s plan for some time. In many ways it’s a dream come through that his solo material is now in the public domain.

In addition to this solo project James already has a successful career with acclaimed alt-folk band Tupelo. The band has a very successful recording and live career, especially in Europe and the USA where the band spent most of this summer for festival season

Watch this space, James Cramer will be a big name in 2017 and is totally Irish….listen now:



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